12 Step Pork Butt

Let’s learn my 12-step pork butt method

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Step 1. Buy a butt that’s 10+ pounds with a big money muscle
Step 2. Trim to remove any hard fat that won’t render
Step 3. Dry with paper towels to remove any excess moisture.
Step 4. Slather with mustard and hot sauce
Step 5. Rub with kosher salt, pepper, garlic and onion
Step 6. Smoke at 250 degrees for around 6 hrs
Step 7. Poke until the fat is squishy.
Step 8. Wrap in two layers of foil and cook for a few more hours.
Step 9. Probe at around 195 degrees until it glides through with ease.
Step 10. Rest for an hour or so to let the juices settle.
Step 11. Shred with the butt bone. Save the money muscle for you and your closest friends.
Step 12. Enjoy with some bbq sauce, slaw, and pickled red onions.


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