How to Smoke a Brisket on a Pellet Smoker

I’ve tried pellet smokers a few times and was never really impressed with the results. But Weber sent me their new Searwood, so I thought I’d put it to the test with a brisket.

I trimmed, slathered, rubbed it and let it rest in the fridge for the night.

The next morning I smoked with oak and hickory pellets for 2 hours at 180, 2 hours at 225, then 250 until I wrapped and 275 until it was done.

You want to start it off that low to get a lot of early smoke and then gradually increase the temps to get a nice bark and render the fat.

I spritzed it with an apple cider vinegar and worcester sauce mix every hour.  I kept a drip / water pan underneath it for the entire cook to keep the chamber humid and the flat moist.

I covered the dark and fully rendered parts with foil so it wouldn’t burn. I foil boated it when I was happy with the bottom bark. That helps the fat cap continue to render and prevents the flat from drying out.

I covered the top with foil and let it finish cooking at 275 until it was 195 throughout.  

I hot held it my oven at 145 for 11 hours.

I sliced in the next morning and was blown away by the color, texture, and flavor.  Going into this cook, my expectation was a brownish bark and a dry flat, but the bark came out great and everything was moist. 

I’ve busted my prejudice towards pellet smokers and I look forward to seeing what else this thing can do.


You can find the Weber Searwood Pellet Smoker on my gear page:

You can find all gear and meat here:

Brisket: Creekstone Farms via Crowd Cow

Knives: Hammer Stahl by Heritage Steel

Tub: DripEZ

Thermometer: ThermoWorks Signals

Oven: Anova Precision Oven


  1. Trim
  2. Slather with Worcestershire sauce
  3. Rub with salt/pepper/garlic
  4. Fridge overnight
  5. Smoke:
    1. Oak/hickory pellets
    2. Water pan under brisket
    3. 180 for 2 hours
    4. 225 for 2 hours
    5. 250 until wrap
    6. 275 until hits 195 internal, go to 203 if you aren’t hot holding
    7. Spritz with Apple cider vinegar and worcestershire sauce every hour
  6. Tent any dark areas
  7. Foil boat when happy with bottom bark
  8. Cover with foil when happy with top bark
  9. Pull from heat when 195 throughout
  10. Hot hold in oven at 145 (or lowest setting) for 11 hours, can go longer or shorter based on your schedule.
  11. Slice and serve


Backyahd Pitmaster

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