Customize Your Grill: Unleash Your Creativity with the Build Your Own Master-Touch Weber Kettle

Weber has introduced an exciting new webpage that allows you to customize your very own Weber kettle grill – called the “Build Your Own Master-Touch” experience. The options are vast, starting with the choice of color and trim. As I delved into the selection, the fog gray color immediately caught my attention. Among the exclusive colors available, I was drawn to its uniqueness, with each grill having a hand-applied finish.

Stepping away from the conventional black kettle grills I’ve owned, I wanted to explore something different. While the white and slate options intrigued me, I decided to embrace the exclusivity and opt for the fog gray. And to accentuate the gray kettle, a sleek black trim seemed like the perfect choice, providing a striking contrast.

Knowing that grill grates often require replacement first, I decided to upgrade to durable stainless-steel grates for a longer-lasting cooking surface. Additionally, I couldn’t resist trying out the low and slow setup, which offers a snake-style configuration and a top diffuser for enhanced cooking experiences.

The absence of a side table would be missed, so I made sure to include the utility upgrade, complete with hooks to conveniently hang all my grilling tools.

Living in an area with frequent rainfall, protecting my Weber kettle from the elements is crucial. Therefore, I made sure to include a reliable cover to ensure its longevity. Furthermore, since my current chimney is on its last leg, it made sense to replace it to maintain the grill’s smooth and efficient operation.

As I eagerly await the arrival of my customized Weber kettle, I can’t help but hope that it lives up to the stunning pictures and becomes the centerpiece of my grilling adventures.

To start your own customization journey, visit “Build Your Own Master-Touch” experience, where you can find a link to the build your own master-touch page. And if you’re curious about my gear and want to follow along with my grilling experience, be sure to check out my Backyahd BBQ gear page as well.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this series, where I’ll share the unboxing, assembly, and my first cook with my customized Weber kettle. It promises to be an exciting grilling adventure you won’t want to miss!

If you don’t want to customize, you can see my Which Weber Charcoal Grill Should I Buy? post to figure out which grill is best for you.



Weber has this new webpage where you can customize your own Weber kettle. You can choose a color and a trim. I spent a few minutes looking at all the colors, but the fog gray really stood out to me. I have plenty black Weber kettles, so I wanted to try something different. I liked the white and the slate, but with this experience you get a couple of exclusive colors, so I wanted to try one of them. The burnt orange was nice, but I really liked the fog gray. It’s hand applied so every one of them is unique. And if I’m going with a gray kettle I want to go with black trim for a nice contrast. The grill grates are usually the first thing to be replaced, so I upgraded to stainless steel so they last longer. I also wanted to try this low and slow setup. It looks like a good way to do a snake, but it also has a diffuser on top. I’m going to miss not having a side table, so I’m going to do this utility upgrade so I have hooks to hang all my tools on. It rains all the time here, so I definitely need a cover, and my current chimney is on its last leg so I might as well get a new one. I’m really hoping this looks as good in person as it does in the pictures. You can find a link to the build your own master-touch page on and my gear page. Come back in a bit for part 2 where I will unbox, assemble and do a first cook. #bbq #grilling #bbqtips #charcoalgrill #kettle #webergrills #friendsofweber #buildyourownmastertouch @Weber Grills

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