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Backyahd BBQ is very proud to be affiliated with ThermoWorks! We are very careful about who we are affiliated with because we want you to be happy with your BBQ gear and want you to keep coming back here for recommendations. We only recommend gear that we personally use and are happy with.

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Why ThermoWorks?

We’ve been using ThermoWorks products for years. We have multiple Thermapens and will soon be expanding to other products in the near future.

We use the Thermapens to get very fast and accurate temperature readings. When BBQ’ing you want to keep the cooker lid closed as much as possible, so when you do lift it, you’ll want a thermometer that can quickly get your temp, so you can close it. “If you’re lookin’ you ain’t cookin'” is 100% true.

The Thermapen One has a 1 second read time and is accurate to a .5 degree. That is perfect for us.

We have tested other thermometers and nothing compares to the Thermapen. The accuracy and read time cannot be matched.

Also, we use the Thermapen probe to test meat tenderness, so it serves two purposes.

Is it worth the extra cost?

You undoubtedly will be asking yourself, “Is it worth it to spend $100 on a thermometer?” We know because we asked ourselves that same question for years before making the plunge. The answer is a definite yes for us. There are many reasons why we think it is worth it:

  1. Fast and accurate temp read time
  2. They are built very well. The construction is robust and it is waterproof so cleaning is easy.
  3. Great support. Once our Thermapen stopped working the night before a big gig, I called them and they overnighted me a new one and the event was a success. They also have a great warranty. 5 years!

We are glad we switched from the cheap thermometers to Thermapen and can’t imagine going back.

Our Recommendations

Thermapen One

This will be our next Thermapen purchase. The 1 second read time and .5 degree accuracy and going to be worth it! Definitely considering how quickly we want to get our lid closed and how temperatures can quickly escalate.

Please help us out and use this link to purchase:

Thermapen One

Classic Thermapen

We have two of these classic Thermapens and love them, but recommend going with the Thermapen One instead for the faster read time – and not that much more money. We’ll upgrade to the Thermapen One soon.

Please help us out and use this link to purchase:

Classic Thermapen

Leave-In Probes for Remote Temperature Monitoring – Smoke or Signals?

We all have a lot going on when smoking and grilling and we need to keep track of our temps. The type of thermometer to do so is called a “leave-in probe” thermometer. Because you leave them in the meat as they are cooking.

It really comes down to two options:

  1. Do you want to monitor temps from anywhere in the world on your phone? Then go with the Signals BBQ Alarm
  2. Do you want to monitor temps within 1.2 miles of your grill/smoker and are okay having a separate receiver device that you can carry around with you that always has temperature displayed? Then go with the Smoke X4 Long-Range Remote BBQ Alarm

I wish they had a single device that supported both the app and the receiver – hopefully one is coming soon!

Signals BBQ Alarm

This is the best option if you need to monitor temps remotely.

Please help us out and use this link to purchase:

Signals BBQ Alarm

Smoke X4 Long-Range Remote BBQ Alarm

This is the best option if you like the idea of having a separate receiver (you don’t have to unlock your phone to see temps) and will stay within 1.2 miles of your grill.

Please help us out and use this link to purchase:

Smoke X4 Long-Range Remote BBQ Alarm

We hope this helps you decide that ThermoWorks is the way to go and helps you decide which one to buy.


Jonny G

Backyahd Pitmaster

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